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Dental treatment

Dental treatment

My name is Holger Rosenberg and I have had horses of my own for more than 20 years. I did a professional training as toolmaker – tool technician and I have been working self-employed for 24 years, having decided now to specialize in dental treatments and in producing and repairing dental tools for horses.

I have intensively dealt with treating horses’ teeth since 2004, profiting from my technical skills, my training as horse dentist in January 2005 as well as the examination to become a dental practitioner according to IGFP in October 2005 in working as a horse dental specialist.

It is my personal commitment to have my skills surveyed in a critical way and to continuously optimize them by regularly attending further trainings and workshops.


September 2005: Workshop with Graham Duncanson (Norwich, UK)
February 2006: Workshop with Toni Basile (USA)
May 2006: Advanced Training Courses IGFP
August 2006: 2 days of practical work with Timo Zwick
March 2007: Advanced Training Courses IGFP
July 2007: Workshop with Christie Dreessen (NL)
July 2007: Anatomical Saturday Veterinary University Hannover
March 2008: Advanced Training Courses IGFP
April 2008: Workshop with Tekla Gergeley (UK) and Richard Miller (USA)
February 2009: Advanced Training Courses IGFP
September 2009: Workshop with Mark Stingsby
March 2010: Advanced Training Courses IGFP
November 2010: Advanced Training Courses for horse dental specialists (Bern, Switzerland)
Ref. Prof Dr. Hubert Simhofer,
Dr. Henry Tremaine (University of Bristol UK)
Dr. Carsten Vogt
January 2011: Seminar & Workshop for advanced dentistry (Vienna)
Ref. Dr. Timo Zwick, Astrit Bienert (University Hannover)
Prof Dr. Hubert Simhofer
March 2011: Advanced Training Courses IGFP
January 2012 Conference of Veterinarians at Leipzig 19.01-21.01.2012
Special Anatomy
Prof.Dr. Carsten Staszyk University Gießen
  Imaging Diagnostics of teeth and adjacent structures
Dr. Kerstin Gerlach University Leipzig
  Diagnostics of apical infections of equine back teeth
Dr. Carsten Vogt Ottersberg
  Optimizing equine occlusion
Dr. Timo Zwick Equine Dental Station Gesserstshausen
April 2012 IGFP Congress 03.-04.2012
Technical presentations by speakers from Europe.

If you are interested in our services or if you have further questions to our dental treatments please do not hesitate to contact us.